Nate Gutmann, Golf/Baseball

Nate Gutmann, Golf/Baseball

Gutmann is a senior for the Trailblazers and is in his second year on the Golf team for the school. Prior to joining the golf team, Gutmann was a member of the baseball team for the school. Gutmann played three years for the Trailblazers and contributed at catcher, second base, and the outfield. 

As a junior, Gutmann appeared in 10 games for the Trailblazers, recording two doubles and two stolen bases. As a senior, Gutmann took advatages of his oppertunities, recording a .368 average in 69 at bats including a double and a triple and five RBI's. Gutmann also posted a .438 on base percentage and a .938 fielding percentage switching from second base and the outfield. 

This year, without preparing for the baseball season, Gutmann has progessed on the golf course providing quaility matches for the Trailblazers. 

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