Biology professor Dr. Ann Billetz named as Faculty Athletics Representative

Biology professor Dr. Ann Billetz named as Faculty Athletics Representative

North Adams, MA- The MCLA Athletics department has announced that Dr. Ann Billetz from the Biology department has been selected as the university's new Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR).  Billetz will begin the role immediately after MCLA went through the last year in search of a new FAR.

"We are excited to have Ann step into the FAR role at MCLA; her faculty experience combined with her love of sports made her an ideal candidate," MCLA Director of Athletics Laura Mooney commented.  "Ann will spearhead our faculty appreciation days as well as rejuvenate the faculty mentoring program.  She has been a long time fan of the Trailblazers and can often be found on our sidelines.  The department is looking forward to further collaboration between academics and athletics as we continue to best support our student-athletes."

One of the key roles of the FAR is to work directly with students in regards to academic progress and integrity.  The NCAA defines the position as such:

"A FAR is a member of the faculty at an NCAA member institution. He or she has been designated by the institution to serve as a liaison between the institution and the athletics department, and also as a representative of the institution in conference and NCAA affairs. Each institution determines the role of the FAR at that particular institution."

Articles 4, 5 and 6 of the NCAA Bylaws recognize the involvement of faculty athletics representatives in the organization, legislative authority and legislative process of the NCAA, and the important role of faculty athletics representatives in the local institutional control of intercollegiate athletics programs. Specifically, the NCAA Manuals indicate the following:

  • Each member institution is required to appoint a faculty athletics representative. (NCAA Bylaw 6.1.3)
  • Qualifications of those who may serve as faculty athletics representatives are described in NCAA Bylaw 6.1.3.
  • The faculty athletics representative is recognized as the representative of the institution and its faculty in the relationship between the NCAA and the local campus. (NCAA Bylaw 4.02.2)
  • The FAR is one of only five institutional representatives authorized to request an NCAA legislative interpretation on behalf of the institution.The chief executive officer, director of athletics, senior woman administrator and compliance coordinator (or their designate) are the other individuals permitted to do so. (NCAA Bylaw

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