TIPS for the University is a skills training program designed specifically for the college students. Whether you choose to drink or not, at some point you will be in a situation where others around you are consuming alcohol. It’s important for you to know how to handle those situations. Through the TIPS training, you will gain the skills you need to prevent intoxication in others and to intervene with those who have misused alcohol.

By working together during this program you will:

  • learn how alcohol affects people who are drinking
  • apply the information through skills exercises
  • share ideas for influencing drinking behavior among your peers
  • develop strategies for preventing alcohol-related tragedies on your campus

This revolutionary program takes into account the unique environment in which university students live. Specifically, it addresses the following:

  • the different settings in which drinking among college students takes place
  • what you can do to prevent alcohol-related problems
  • the attitudes of your fellow students toward drinking

Today’s TIPS program is designed to help you define and improve the people skills you already have. These skills can help you help others understand and enjoy a responsible drinking environment. Your people skills are also crucial to helping you handle unpleasant situations when someone has had too much to drink.

The goal of TIPS for the University is to provide students with the skills they need to intervene in situations where their peers are misusing alcohol.

For more information on the TIPS for the University program, please contact Holly McGovern, CHOICES Program Coordinator, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, 413-662-5130 or