The mission of the MCLA CHOICES program is to empower students to make informed choices in better assisting them to improve their own life skills.  The CHOICES program provides students with support and educational components that will increases their own knowledge on the abuse and misuse of alcohol on the MCLA campus.  

The MCLA CHOICES program was initially created as part of a 3 year grant from the NCAA. With the grant period now over, collaboration between departments and other campus organizations across campus is a vital element of the CHOICES project. The MCLA CHOICES program is supervised under the direction of the student affairs division, and works in conjunction with Athletics, Health Services, Public Safety, Residential Program and Services, Counseling Services, and Student Development.

The major components of the MCLA CHOICES program are to:

  • assess the prevalence and effects of substance use and misuses
  • educate students on the abuse and misuse of alcohol
  • inform students on the effects of alcohol on the body
  • provide students with skills to intervene with those who misuse alcohol

Alcohol Education: "Get the Facts"

Alcohol and the Athlete Handbook

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