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Chi Alpha Sigma

Chi Alpha Sigma is a nonprofit organization that was established to recognize college student-athletes who excel both on and off the field of competition. The organization was founded in 1996 by then DePauw University head football coach Nick Mourouzis. His goal was to provide outstanding student-athletes with an opportunity to become connected within a fraternal association that aligns their educational and athletic successes for a lifetime.

Chi Alpha Sigma recognizes college students who receive a varsity letter in their sport while maintaining a 3.4 or higher cumulative GPA throughout their junior and/or senior years. Below are the Trailblazers represented from the last year: 

Induction Class of 19-20 Induction Class of 2018-19 Induction Class of 2017-18  Induction Class of 2016-17
  Christian Seariac
Kara Adams
Ben Durland
Kim Granito
Hannah Sorensen
Owen Fitzgerald
Nate Wojtaszek
Brianna Morris
Sara LaFreniere
Tessa Sestito
Khalil Kareh
Celine Manigbas
Breanna Castor
Lauren Mangiardi
Nevada Nelsen
Megan Richardson
Samantha Schwantner
Francesca Belli- Softball
Breanna Castor- Women's Cross Country
Kaitlyn Berghela- Softball
Megan Richardson- Women's Soccer
Tessa Sestito- Volleyball
Corey Powers- Men's Cross Country
Jordan Degaetano- Women's Cross Country
Samantha Schwantner- Lacrosse
Khalil Kareh- Men's Soccer
Katie Mancini- Women's Soccer
Lauren Mangiardi- Women's Soccer
Molly Gurner- Women's Soccer
Celine Manigbas- Volleyball
Joshua Richards- Men's Cross Country
Nevada Nelsen- Softball
Rachel Green- Lacrosse
Brianne O'Rourke- Volleyball
Kaitlin Wright- Women's Cross Country
Brittany Whitford- Women's Soccer
Nick DiSanti- Baseball
Oscar Castro- Men's Soccer

Oscar Castro- Men's Soccer
Merle Darling- Men's Basketball
Nick DiSanti- Baseball
Josh Fortier- Golf
Andrew Haier- Men's Soccer
Bri O'Rourke- Volleyball
Paige Vincent- Women's Basketball
Brittany Whitford- Women's Soccer
Kaitlin Wright- Women's Cross Country
Kelsey Alfonso- Women's Soccer
Ashley Clawson- Women's Basketball
Annie Gagnon- Women's Cross Country
Shelby Gauthier- Women's Tennis
Kayla Hotaling- Women's Basketball
Kayla Lingel- Women's Soccer
Jeffrey Mason- Men's Tennis
Svetlana Morrell- Women's Basketball/Lacrosse
Alex Romano- Softball
Marisa Sprague- Women's Soccer


15-16 Induction Class      
Abby Lucas- Softball
Alex Romano- Softball
Annie Gagnon- Tennis
Ashley Clawson- Basketball
Courtney Durivage- Basketball
Jackie Dwyer- Soccer
Jeffrey Mason- Tennis
Jenn Sicinski- Softball
Kayla Hotaling- Basketball
Kayla Lingel- Soccer
Kelsey Alfonso- Soccer
Marisa Sprague- Soccer
Michael McAndrew- Cross Country
Michael Rooney- Tennis
Molly Gurner- Soccer
Paige Fairman- Soccer
Rachel Mills- Volleyball
Rebecca Waterhouse- Tennis
Rodger Coryell- Soccer
Shelby Gauthier- Tennis
Svetlana Morrell- Basketball
Tanelle Ciempa- Lacrosse
Tyler Vona- Soccer