MCLA Athletic Hall of Fame

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The purpose of the MCLA Athletic Hall of Fame is to appropriately recognize those individuals who have distinguished themselves and the College through athletic participation. Many deserving individuals have been considered for selection to the MCLA Athletic Hall of Fame.

Induction Class of 2017      

Phil Caruso
Kevin Carmody
Jen Wehner

Induction Class of 2016 Induction Class of 2015  Induction Class of 2014 (Fall)  Induction Class of 2014 (Spring) 

Bill Fitzpatrick

Amy Strand
Eddie Pires
Murales Louis
Jessica (Tietgens) Langenback 

1987 Baseball Team

Catherine Saad Kelloway

Josh Thielen
Michelle Littlefield
1989-90 Men's Basketball Team 
Ron Shewcraft

Nick Cote
Mike Mason
Jennifer Maloney Roosa
Kristin Parzych Hildabrand
Bob Delaney 
Induction Class of 2011 Induction Class of 2009 Induction Class of 2007 Induction Class of 2005


1995 Softball Team
Christine Bonatti
Jose Diaz
Jeff Reed
Kevin Reed

Bill Caprari
Tom Cronin
Dr. Sam Gomez
Jim Hachey
Sue Plankey Leclair
Andy Marhoffer
Laurie Pecoraro
Steve Swail 

Betsy D'Agostino
Kate Wapenski Galli
Jeffrey McHale
Anthony Peralta
1960-61 Men's Basketball Team  

Monty Flynn
Sheila Marti Hutchinson
Patricia Mowbry-Morgan
Wayne Marra
David Pereira
Derek Shea
Joe Sondrini
Angela Bushika Trudeau 

Induction Class of 2003 Induction Class of 2002 Induction Class of 2000 Induction Class of 1999

1978 Men's Soccer Team 


Katherine Kelley
Jeffrey MacBurnie
George Mickle
Richard Nadeau
Paul Perachi
1949-50 Men's Basketball Team    

Gerald Coleman
Peter Kotch
James Moore
Pamela Barton
George "Buddy" Pellerin
Bernard Stelmach
Jan Williamson
Frank Zoltek 

Phillip Bledsoe
Dan Caritey
Susan Getchell
Brian Harlow
Beverly Holtsberg
George Jarck
Mark Kasperovich
Pamela Messinger
Robert Zanetti 

Induction Class of 1998      

Regina Belford
Tony Crescitelli
Joann Adams
Laura DiMeo
Honorable Paul Kujawski
John Pasquale
Richard Syriac
Susan Giangrande
Joe Zavattaro