President’s Athletics Advisory Council

The President’s Athletics Advisory Council (PAAC) is responsible for advising the President and Vice President of Student Affairs on major decisions impacting Athletics. The PAAC advises the President on all matters relating to intercollegiate athletics to strengthen programs and ensure the alignment of intercollegiate athletics with the MCLA mission and goals.

The PAAC supports the development and maintenance of a competitive intercollegiate athletic program which reflects favorably upon MCLA and supports and advises on activities related to the welfare and academic achievement of student athletes. The council does not set or execute policy, but serves to provide counsel concerning intercollegiate athletics to help foster and maintain program strength, academic integrity of the College and the academic and social development of student athletes with attention to equity, student welfare, development and sportsmanship, facility planning, academic standards and integrity, and, campus and community relations. The PAAC meets regularly and reports annually to the College President. The Council is led by co-chairpersons one of whom is the Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) and the other is appointed by the College President.

Composition of PAAC

Members: At least three female and three male representatives appointed by the President for three year terms. At least one female and one male student representative chosen annually by the President and at least one student representative chosen by the Student Government Association.

Director of Athletics- Laura Mooney

Vice President of Student Affairs- Catherine Holbrook
Associate Director of Athletics for Administration and Compliance/SWA- Dot Houston
Assistant Director of Athletics for Development and Communications- Jeff Puleri
Administrative Assistant- Dawn Joppich
Vice President for Academic Affairs- Cindy Brown
Dean of Academic Affairs- Monica Joslin
Vice President for Administration and Finance- Larry Behan
Vice President of Enrollment and External Relations- Denise Richardello
Chief Advancement Officer- Molly Williams

Anne Goodwin
Greg O’Connor
Rob Harris
Anthony Daly
Ellen Barber

Meg Richardson