Intramural Awards

Randall Warren “Unsung” Hero Award: 

Given annually to the intramural participant who best exemplifies determination, dedication and competitiveness in a manner which encourages the underlying spirit of the entire MCLA Intramural Program.

2015-2016-  Jesse Collings

2014-2015-  Nicholas Hernigle

2013-2014-  Aaron Perkins

2012-2013-  Michael Vogt

2011-2012 - Simeon Sharp

2010-2011 - Theodore Randall

2009-2010 - John Ripepi

James T. Amsler Service Award:

Presented annually to a senior who has worked throughout their college years for the betterment of the MCLA Intramural Program.

2015-2016-  Aaron Perkins and Nate Gutmann

2014-2015-  Mitchell Candelet

2013-2014-  Michael Vogt

2012-2013-  Ryan Shewchuk and Michael Seklecki

2011-2012 - Gary D'Annunzio

2010-2011 - Ken Recore

2009-2010 - Jade Prickett & Derek Gibbons

Raymond C. Sullivan Team Sportsmanship Award

Given annually to the intramural team that has demonstrated leadership on the field of play throught their sportsmanlike attitude.  The team receiving this award must have played together as a unit through all four intramural sessions

2015-2016- Baconators (Captains Nate Gutmann and Tyler Bacon)

2014-2015- Baconators (Captains Nate Gutmann and Tyler Bacon)