MCLA Intramural Department


MCLA Intramurals Director
Adam Hildabrand- 413-662-5007
Intramural Office- Venable Gym, Ground Floor

Intramural Offerings and Sign Ups below: 



MCLA Intramurals Mission Statement

The Intramurals Program at MCLA is one of the most popular programs on campus.  With many sports and events available, students participating in intramurals enjoy taking a break from academic work, making new friends, and competing in a friendly atmosphere.  The programs grant participants opportunities to develop lifetime qualities of leadership, cooperation, self-reliance, fitness, and a sense of fair play.

The intramurals programs are organized so that people of all abilities can compete in the multitude of activities offered.  MCLA students, faculty, and staff of all genders are eligible to participate.

Varsity Team Members                                          

A varsity team member is any individual whose name appears on the official athletic roster at MCLA.  Members of varsity teams are ineligible to participate on an intramurals team during their playing season