MCLA Athletics Department Mission and Philosophy


The department of athletics strives to inspire an atmosphere of excellence in both the athletic and the academic settings, provides opportunities to compete at the intercollegiate level, and fosters a setting that promotes leadership in the College’s community.


The MCLA Department of Athletics philosophy integrates the philosophies of both the College and the NCAA. Through a comprehensive approach, the Athletic Department fields competitive and successful athletic teams while supporting and honoring the MCLA mission and traditions.
In addition to athletic performance success, the department’s primary focus is based on the total development of the student-athlete and the synergistic relationship between athletics and academics. Intercollegiate competition is an integral part of the total educational experience and participation in athletics teaches valuable skills used in society and the work environment.

The MCLA Athletics Department also believes that participation in both the College and the local communities is an important part of the total development of each student-athlete. This involvement increases the engagement among student-athletes, staff and the surrounding community. This service involvement develops leadership skills and adds to pride on campus as it creates an appreciation for community support of the athletics programs at the College.

Our coaches are role models who demonstrate a commitment toward both the academic and athletic development of every student-athlete. We encourage each student-athlete to strive for academic excellence while creating a competitive atmosphere based on a strong work ethic, fair play, loyalty, mutual respect, trust and teamwork.

NCAA division III philosophy

(a) Place special importance on the impact of athletics on the participants rather than on the spectators and place greater emphasis on the internal constituency (students, alumni, institutional personnel) than on the general public and its entertainment needs

(b) Encourage the development of sportsmanship and positive societal attitudes in all constituents, including student-athletes, coaches, administrative personnel and spectators

(c) Encourage participation by maximizing the number and variety of athletics opportunities for their students

(d) Assure that the actions of coaches and administrators exhibit fairness, openness and honesty in their relationships with student-athletes

(e) Assure that athletics participants are not treated differently from other members of the student body

(f) Provide equitable athletics opportunities for males and females and give equal emphasis to men's and women's sports

(g) Support ethnic and gender diversity for all constituents

(h) Support student-athletes in their efforts to reach high levels of athletics performance by providing all teams with adequate facilities, competent coaching and appropriate competitive opportunities