Baseball Team MVP's

Anthony Bruno '07 was a two time MVP for the Trailblazers playing third base and pitching
Anthony Bruno '07 was a two time MVP for the Trailblazers playing third base and pitching


Mr. Smith was a former Trustee for the Massachusetts State College System and pioneered the promotion of Physical Education and Athletics within the State College network.  His leadership provided the State Colleges with up-to-date Facilities and finances to support these programs and led the way in the ultimate formation of the Massachusetts State College Athletic Conference.

Awarded annually to a member of the baseball team who displays leadership, responsibility, and cooperation; coupled with a desire to excel, not as an individual, but as a contributor to the efforts of the team as a whole.

Year MVP
2019 Bobby New
2018 Liam Nolan
2017 Eamonn Andre
2016 Bill Pulasky 
2015 Rory Slattery
2014 Chase Preite
2013 Joe Duncan
2012 Daniel Gaines
2011 Daniel Gaines
2010 Andrew Kelly
2009 Andrew Gaines
2008 Anthony Bruno
2007 Anthony Bruno
2006 Bob Howland/Jim Pesente
2005 Bob Howland
2004 Ben Tyer
2003 Shaun Richard
2002 Joe Bateman
2001 Sean McElroy
2000 Jose Diaz
1999 Jose Diaz
1998 James Tracy
1997 Scott Northcutt
1996 Joe Guarino
1995 Billy Robertson
1994 Dana Gagnon
1993 Sean Russell
1992 James Carey
1991 Robert Barbarini
1990 Danny Fields
1989 John Malzone
1988 Kevin Carmody
1987 Tom Rizzo
1986 Brian Rucinski
1985 Steve Tavernelli
1984 Tony Dulude
1983 Eddie English
1982 Kurt O'Sullivan
1981 George Mickle
1980 Bernie Stelmach
1979 George Heatherman
1978 Paul Wright
1977 Bob Zanetti
1976 Jack Carroll
1975 Bob Delaney
1974 Wayne Marra
1973 Paul Kujawski
1972 Tony Paralta
1971 Wayne Marra