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2004-2005-          Schedule             Stats     Roster                  
2003-2004-          Schedule             Roster   

Regional Honors

2012 NEWBA All New England 2nd Team- Jen Wehner
2012 D3 Hoops All New England 4th Team- Jen Wehner
2011 ECAC All New England 2nd Team- Jen Wehner
2011 NEWBA All New England 1st Team- Jen Wehner

MCLA All MASCAC Honors   

2nd Team- Kayla Hotaling- 2016
2nd Team- Lucy Tremblay 2013
1st Team- Jen Wehner- 2012
2nd Team- Alie Dobrovolc- 2012
Player of the Year- Jen Wehner- 2011
1st Team- Jen Wehner- 2011
1st Team- Alie Dobrovolc- 2011
1st team- Jen Wehner- 2010
Rookie of the year- Lucy Tremblay -2010
2nd team- Jen Wehner-2009
2nd team – Tracey Pierce-1998
2nd team- Tracey Pierce-1997
2nd team- Amy Strand-1997
2nd team- Tami Pink-1995
2nd team- Pam Barton -1994
2nd team- Pam Barton-1991
2nd team- Bonnie Cameron-1990


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