The most important game one will ever play is the game of life. The soccer field and being part of a team offers an individual a unique atmosphere to help prepare for the biggest game of all. I strongly believe there are life sessions learned each day in being part of a team; something larger than yourself. The game is bigger than the individual and must be respected at all times as it was here before you and will be here long after.

Respect is the corner stone of the women’s soccer program:

  1. Respect for self, do the right thing
    1. Attitude – reflection of your own self, how do you want to be perceived by others?
    2. Responsibility – take full responsibility for your actions and be willing to accept the results of your actions
  2. Respect for the game – respect the game and all that goes with it and the game will take very good care of you
    1. Coachability – be willing to learn
    2. Preparation – fitness, nutrition, overall health
    3. Skill acquisition – work hard each day to prepare for the celebration that each game affords
  3. Respect for all those around you (remember the Golden Rule), in order to gain respect you must be willing to give respect
    1. Communication – we are always communicating when we are with others on this two way street, listening is the biggest challenge in communication

There are many aspects of college life and what we value should guide our decisions. Your family is your highest priority. After four years of hard work in the classroom you will have your education, a degree no one can take away from you, so that must be next on the priority list. Thirdly, you have been chosen to represent the College and are ambassadors of the beautiful game, respect this opportunity knowing full well there are many sacrifices one needs to make to be part of something bigger than herself. Soccer will teach you many life lessons and will prove to be a tremendous preparation for the rest of your life. Last on your priority list are all of the extra activities you choose to be involved with: clubs, campus life, etc. Considering this list of priorities, the one above trumps the ones below but will not work in the reverse.

Women's Soccer Player expectations

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