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Women's Soccer Team MVP's

Women's Soccer Team MVP's

This distinction is given annually to a member of the Women’s Soccer Team who contributes to the team’s success by the way of dedication to the game of soccer.  This award is voted upon by the members of the Women’s Soccer Team and is not only an individual of playing ability but demonstration of leadership, dedication and commitment to the team.

YEAR                 NAME
1985-86               Sue Giangrande
1986-87               Sue Giangrande
1987-88               Sheila Marti
1988-89               Sheila Marti
1989-90               Roberta Smith
1990-91               Kelli Fitzmaurice
1991-92               Michelle Caron
1992-93               Carrie-Ann Souza
1993-94               Jennifer Maloney
1994-95               Maura Sullivan
1995-96               Jennifer Maloney
1996-97               Kelley Morrissey
1997-98               Laurie Pecoraro
1998-99               Laurie Pecoraro
1999-00               Laurie Pecoraro & Christine Bonatti
2000-01               Courtney Tebo
2001-02               Beth Conroy
2002-03               Kelly Davis
2003-04               Kelly Davis and Courtney Tebo
2004-05               Johanna Moore
2005-06               Kate Taxiera
2006-07               Taylor Kenyon
2007-08               Kristean Kissel
2008-09               Cecelia Von Tiesenhausen-Hush
2009-10               Jess Titgens, Jade Prickett
2010-11               Samantha Miller
2011-12               Kaitlyn Dano, Jen Wehner
2012-13               Hailee Pasa
2013-14               Sarah Lieneck
2014-15               Paige Fairman 
2015-16               Kayla Lingel 
2016-17               Natalie Caney
2017-18               Megan Richardson
2018-19               Hannah Van De Water