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Trailblazer PRIDE Program

Adriane Baird
Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development

The foundation of the student-athlete development PRIDE program is based on character and leadership.  Through informal mentoring, seminars, speakers, educational and awareness events, the PRIDE program will address personal growth, career development, and leadership.

The focus is on the total development of our student-athletes and recognizes their changing needs in regard to transition to and from college.  The program will assist in the development of sportsmanship and respect, life preparedness, personal and collective accountability, transferable life skills, accessing campus resources, character and integrity.

After completing the PRIDE program, Trailblazer student-athletes will be:

  • P-rofessional- make an impact
  • R-esponsible- make informed decisions and be accountable
  • I-nclusive- be respectful and engaging
  • D-etermined- act positively and overcome adversity
  • E-xcel- on and off the playing surfaces
PRIDE Leadership Program

Selected rising leaders will prepare for new leadership positions, such as captains and team officers, through programming designed to give them a comprehensive guide on what it means and what it takes to be a leader. This programming will help leaders grow by working on self-awareness, identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, and developing their communication skills to allow them to better motivate their teammates.
Through participation in the PRIDE Leadership Program, student athletes will:
  • Explore personal values and unique strengths that contribute to their personal leadership style in competition, on campus, and in their community
  • Practice & develop tangible leadership skills through personal reflection and self-evaluation
  • Learn leadership lessons in order to prepare student-athletes to serve as captains and leaders on their MCLA Teams
  • Increase self-efficacy in their own leadership skills and abilities