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NCAA Conventions and Honors

NCAA Conventions and Honors

The MCLA Athletics department has been very well represented at various conventions sponsored by the NCAA.  Student-Athletes and staff have attended the National NCAA Convention, NCAA Career in Sports Forum, and have been awarded internships over the last several years.

Here are just a few of the honors our student-athletes and staff have garnered:

Oscar Castro (Men's Soccer)- Attended the NCAA Inclusion Forum

Natalie Caney (Soccer/Lacrosse)- attended the NCAA Convention as part of a minority grant program
Paul Maurice (Men's Basketball)- Attended the NCAA Inclusion Forum

Career in Sports Forum
2018- Mariza Sfakianaki (Women's Tennis)
2016- Robert Jutras (Baseball) and Angelica Perfido (Softball/Volleyball)
2015- Brandon Peltier (Cross Country) and Kraig Page (Men's Basketball)
2014- Taylor Dunn (Golf) and Danielle Scolpino (Women's Basketball)
2014- Dot Houston- Presenter
2013- Samantha Barbarotta (Softball/Volleyball
2010- Dan Saunders (Soccer)/Kris McLaughlin (Basketball)
2009- Katie Bodnar (Tennis)/Marvin Thompson (Basketball)
2008- Ed Cano (Golf) / Amey Blackburn (Softball)
2007- Jason Mlodzianowski (Soccer)
2006- Brandon Pender (Basketball)
2005- Ciaran Cullen (Soccer)
2004- Betsy Willis (Basketball)
2003- Jess Sinopoli (Softball)
2002- Shaun Richard (Baseball)
2001- Jay Vandura (Hockey) / Amanda Beckwith (Volleyball)
2000- David Warren (Soccer) / Tinea Phillips (Softball)
1999- Larry Shank (Hockey)
1998- Tracey Pierce (Basketball)

2007 Boston, MA

  • Andrew Gaines - baseball 
  • Joanna Bodnar - tennis
  • Kristin Parzych - coach

2006 Jersey City, NJ

  • Simon Zelazo - men's golf
  • Christine Barna - women's soccer
  • David Bond - coach

2003 Boston, MA

  • Jessica Sinopoli - softball
  • Tonda Gunn - women's basketball
  • Scott Nichols - presenter
  • Dot Houston - administrator