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MCLA Mascot- Murdock

MCLA Mascot- Murdock

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Folklore story of the MASCOT (Click here to read story)

The MCLA campus community unvelied a new mascot in 2013 as they introduced the Mountain Lion.  In April of 2019, the Trailblazer community named the Mascot "Murdock" after a vote of the campus community, alumni, and community members.

MCLA adopted the “Trailblazer” name in 2002, in reference to connections to the historic and recreational trails in the North Adams area, such as the African-American Heritage Trail, Appalachian Trail, Long Trail, Mohawk Trail, Molly Stark Trail, Taconic Trail and the Mount Greylock trail system.

According to Adam Hildabrand, MCLA men’s soccer coach and the chair of the College’s Mascot Search Committee, the time was right for MCLA to add a mascot to its Trailblazers name and logo, both of which are strong and well-established.

“We have come a long way since 2002. We know who we are and what we want to be.  By adding the mountain lion with our Trailblazers mountain logo, we will have a story and strong figure to represent who we are,” said Adam Hildabrand

Although today the mountain lion is believed to be extinct in Berkshire County by scientists and wildlife officials, some Berkshire County residents swear they have seen the cat.

“For the fan, the mountain lion has become part of Berkshire County legend and folklore. The mountain lion is another representation of a Trailblazer,” Hildabrand explained. “A ‘trailblazer,’ quite simply, is one who makes trails. The mountain lion is the animal that first blazed trails in the Berkshires. So, the mountain lion is number one, which is what we strive to be as a College and as an athletics department.”