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Sue Getchell All Time Award Winners

Sue Getchell All Time Award Winners

Sue Getchell Award is given annually to that upper-class, female identified team student-athlete who has demonstrated excellence in both academics and athletics.

Getchell (Class of 1963) was a faculty member in the Department of Physical Education for 29 years.  Getchell coached gymnastics, field hockey, women's soccer, softball and cheerleading. She was a pioneer of the women's athletics programs at the College.

According to Getchell, "The teaching/coaching job that I accepted in 1969 and expected to continue for a 'few years' became my lifetime's work." Over those years, Sue accumulated some wonderful memories and was always inspired by the enthusiasm and talent of the young women she worked with. Her lifetime work has had an impact on innumerable athletes that have since graduated from the College.


2018-2019- Megan Richardson- Soccer
2017-2018- Megan Richardson- Soccer
2016-2017- Kayla Hotaling- Basketball
2015-2016- Rachel Quackenbush- Softball
2014-2015- Amanda Meczywor- Softball
2013-2014- Julia Christian- Volleyball
2012-2013- Lucy Tremblay- Basketball
2011-2012- Jen Wehner- Basketball/Soccer
2010-2011- Jess Tietgens- Soccer
2009-2010- Jess Tietgens- Soccer
2008-2009- Jade Prickett- Soccer and Basketball
2007-2008- Marta Brown- Volleyball
2006-2007- Jen Raftery- Soccer
2005-2006- Kristen Lewis- Soccer and Basketball
2004-2005- Johanna Moore- Soccer
2003-2004- Kelly Davis- Soccer
2002-2003- Jenn Golden- Soccer and Softball
2001-2002- Kim Sweet- Volleyball and Basketball
2000-2001- Beth Conroy- Soccer
1999-2000- Laurie Pecoraro- Soccer
1998-1999- Laurie Pecoraro- Soccer
1997-1998- Kate Wapenski- Softball
1996-1997- Kami Lesnick- Softball
1995-1996- Jill Trance- Softball
1994-1995- Jennifer Moreau- Softball
1993-1994- Amy Mosca
1992-1993- Colleen Quinlan- Basketball
1991-1992- Michelle Caron- Soccer
1990-1991- Michelle Caron- Soccer
1989-1990- Catherine Tremblay-
1988-1989- Debbie Koski-
1987-1988- Tracy Callahan
1986-1987- Karen Walsh
1985-1986- Carole Brady
1984-1985- Beth Cook
1983-1984- Regina Belford- Basketball, Softball, Field Hockey, and Volleyball
1982-1983- Natalie Wilcox
1981-1982- Lauren Ackley
1980-1981- Laura DiMeo- Field Hockey and Softball
1979-1980- Tina Malonson- Field Hockey and Basketball
1978-1979- Sandy North
1977-1978- Carolyn Sanford- Basketball and Softball
1976-1977- Jan Williamson- Basketball and Softball
1975-1976- Marion Poe
1974-1975- Joann Adams- Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball